Extraordinary loft conversion ideas

Convert your loft into a gym
Convert your loft into a gym
April 11, 2018
Convert your loft into a bedroom
Convert your loft into a bedroom with en suite bathroom
April 30, 2018

Extraordinary loft conversion ideas

Extraordinary loft 8

Extraordinary loft-8

Extraordinary loft conversion ideas

A loft conversion usually happens when the necessity for more space arises, yet sometimes a loft can be the ideal room for unique interior design ideas and alternative uses you never thought of.

When imagination is combined with personal style and extreme ideas, magical things can happen!

The photos that follow are unique examples for what you can do with this particular space and a little bit of creative thinking.

Extraordinary loft-1

Extraordinary loft-2

Extraordinary loft-3

Extraordinary loft-4

Extraordinary loft-5

Extraordinary loft-6

Extraordinary loft-7

Extraordinary loft-9

Extraordinary loft-10

Extraordinary loft-11

Extraordinary loft-12

Extraordinary loft-13

About Loft Converters

With over 20 years’ experience in the building industry, Loft Converters have succeeded with establishing a proven track record of the most unique loft conversions throughout of London.

In Loft Converters, we implement your vision as we have the experience and the expertise to transform your empty attic space or loft not only into a functional room but also into a space with exquisite design ready to be filled with your individual personality.

Our highly experienced team of experts will support you throughout your conversion process, from the design and planning phase to the completion of your project.

Our attention to detail guarantees the success of the project and the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.

Loft conversion is a way to add value and character to your house, that’s why in Loft Converters we pay special attention to the design and the quality of the finished product.

We work full time to ensure that your loft:

• will be designed to meet your specific requirements

• will be managed and built ON TIME

• and within Budget.

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Convert your loft into a gym

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